MS Surface Pro changed my life


How does someone start his first blog?  One goes to a party and meets the girl of his life, but he just can’t find the right words and the girl, she fades away. Like all our dreams.

Words, that’s what cyber life is all about. Or maybe not, eventually, nice pictures, nice drawings, nice background music make us sale our project, don’t these? But let’s get to this later.

My name is Peter, 53 years old. I’m  the husband of four children and one wife. Like my children are still the same, so is my wife.  I’m too fat and too much aware of the fact I’m intelligent. My intelligence didn’t make me happy but it made me more or less prosperous. Not that I’m rich, certainly not. However, despite of the fact that my father has a dark history, I think I managed very well. Whatever. I daresay my children at their stage of years, are happier than I was at their age. Moreover, I ‘m happier than I used to be at their age. So one shouldn’t complain.

Born in Flanders, the Dutch speaking region in Belgium, capital Brussels,  where the NATO is headquartered. The Flemish people are economically self-reliant but never succeed at gaining their own political autonomy. We are paying taxes for Brussels, for the French-speaking population and the Muslims, never integrated into our society . Like in the USA, the lazy people have a democratic majority forcing the labouring people to hand over all their money. So, democracy leads to bankruptcy if it is not embedded in hard working people , doensn’t it?

What I really want to talk about. MS Surface Pro changed my life. My PC has become the extension of my mind. Till now, a PC was a tool creating some reports, a screen to google and interface to store my VBa and SAS software. But nowadays I use my MS Surface Pro for reading my newspaper, searching the right answers about the universe, resolving puzzles and writing my blogs. The mind, as spiritual as it is, has its material avatar in my MS Surface Pro.

Information is not the same as it used to be. The key is simultaneity. I watch television, while reading a book and checking my mobile, browsing my Facebook and having a nice chat:  all at the same time while googling the words popping up from the same television, book, mobile, Facebook or chat. Heidegger didn’t like.  Simultaneity, Heidegger wrote, is the opposite of authenticity, because how can one fathom the real thing, when he’s fuzzed by many others?

Happiness is a warm gun, let’s finish by Lennon’s song from the white album

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